Leadership Development Institute

The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) includes programs and workshops designed for leaders at all levels. Customized programs designed for your organization can be delivered as well – tailored strategically to meet the needs of your leaders and organizations. What makes our programs unique and distinguishes us from the others is an inquiry-based learning which emphasizes generative dialogue and visioning. We take a learned-center approach that focuses on questions, critical thinking and future focuses with an emphasis on interpersonal development designed to engage the leadership potential in each person.  We design programs for specific organizational needs, from executive teams to governing boards to next level leaders. The Leadership Development Institute also provides additional support services to assist organizations and individual design goals and plans to achieve their desired outcomes building upon their strengths, opportunity and aspirations.

Programs and workshops are scheduled and delivered in Las Vegas or at host locations and the registration is open. We know that true leadership training for today and tomorrow’s leaders requires collaboration. We partner with organizations and others recognizing that the global demand for learning solutions in leadership areas can best be provided by opening our offerings to training expertise all over the world.

People who attend the Leadership Development Institute bring a diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences enriching the learning experience.  Our programs are designed to help participants assess their leadership effectiveness in a safe learning environment. With participants from all over the World we keep each workshop intimate in size to support a personal shift through reflection, growth and change.